Google loves TYPO3 extensions

After googling for a TYPO3 extension, I became aware that the search result looked different:

Search result for "typo3 cewrap"

Search result for „typo3 cewrap“

There are informations about how often this extension was downloaded, which category it belongs to, the last update of the extension and a link to the manual. For other extensions, there is also a link to the external repository, e.g., an information about the current version and more, it differs from extension to extension.

These informations are taken from the right side of the entry page of this extension in the TER (the TYPO3 Extension Repository):

Right side of EXT:cewrap in TER

Right side of EXT:cewrap in TER

The contents on the right side are not marked somehow as rich snippet / structured data, so it seems, Google (perhaps some kind of A.I. bot / machine learning crawler) recognized the TER and extracts these informations of their own accord.

Nice :)

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